How Recruiters Tell Your Story is Key


Over 80% of the candidates we place are not looking for change.  We have to share news of your opening in a manner that creates a win-win window of opportunity.


If you’ve ever posted a job in the hope of Prince (or Princess) Charming popping up in your inbox, you were really living a fantasy. Why can we say this so confidently?

It’s not because these perfect story book endings aren’t possible, it’s because the hero or heroine is not reading their lines. They are hard at work doing a great job at a nearby company, maybe even your competitor, not surfing job boards.  They are valued employees who are doing just the kind of work you want them to be doing for your department. 

So how do you connect with them? You need an intermediary who can tell your story for you and drag them out of their castle of complacency and comfort excited for change and adventure.

Finding the Right Audience

Your company’s needs for a certain individual with specific experience that can be gained in your industry or one quite similar or perhaps a professional that uses the same tools and techniques is a story for quite a small audience. 

Rather than plastering your opening on job boards and hoping, we proactively find the suspects that most likely would do really well in your department based on our past searches and market awareness and connect with them. 

To be fair and transparent, in many cases, we search one or two layers above and around your star within the network we have spent the better part of two decades getting to know, advancing their own careers or filling positions at their companies. 

Getting Them To Listen 

If we know someone, they’ll listen to our latest search at least as a professional courtesy but we also know how to get the attention of suspected candidates or connections in a very professional and productive manner. Based on our approach, they know we won’t waste their time and at least dream about us having something magical enough for them to at least consider.

In a nutshell, the people you really want to know about your position take our calls, meet us for coffee and most importantly share their thoughts about your opportunity as well as great potential fits for your department. 

Telling the Perfect Story

Getting a contact to listen is only the first chapter, we need them to engage with the narrative that we have to share. They are anxious to hear the WIFM (What’s In It For Them) of course, but our network also wants to help us, their friends and colleagues and sometimes, even their own staff reach their potential. 

They trust that we will give them the “inside scoop” of what the opportunity is really about, what life will be like on your staff, what your company’s culture truly seems to be  and how all of this will benefit the right candidate in the long run. 

This is truly our superpower / core competency. We know that not every job is for every candidate and we pride ourselves on finding the right puzzle piece. Because we have been on your side of the table/desk/ledger ourselves, we really know what the job entails, miles beyond the meager bullet points on the job description and requirements. We know the DNA of our company clients and the management that the candidate will be working with and we’re not shy or misleading when we tell it how it is (with style of course). 

Happily Ever After Ending

Not every fairy tale ends the way we want it to, but more times than not a CSP search ends up with the match that seemed meant to be. Some are short reads like a toddler may expect, but others are definitely chapter books for a teenager at least. 

What you can expect in a CSP productions is a writer/director team that really understands its audience and what its producers want on the screen (shifting analogies to the screen version of a bestseller) that can open up an audience to a possibility of advancement and opportunity for which they would have never otherwise looked. And that is where the real magic happens. 

Ready to Cast the Hero?

Perhaps you have a starring role in need of an actor/actress to fill it.  The CSP team will be happy to discuss how we help companies and departments like yours through a variety of packages, custom designed to fit your needs. 


About The CSP Group


Based in St. Louis with offices in San Diego and searches performed nationwide on behalf of privately-held companies with between $20 and $500M typically, the CSP Group prides itself on uncovering the very best candidates for the most well defined positions, drawing upon their own personal experience as senior level Finance and Accounting professionals to uncover and convert passive potential hires into excited, motivated applicants.  We represent our clients with commitment and integrity while also building and placing great value on our reputation amongst the strongest and most upwardly mobile candidates in every market segment and geographic region we serve. 


Contact CSP Group today to discuss your current or projected openings. 

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