Accountant Candidate #2

St. Louis, MO


2 years



Affable, humble, and professional staff accountant with foundational experience at a small public accounting firm. Strong systems experience and work ethic. Hungry for growth, this candidate will be an asset to any company looking for a staff accountant.

Why Hire This Candidate (In Their Own Words): “I have experience working in different companies and teams, mostly in fast-paced environments. I have strong communication skills and I foster an environment of trust and mutual respect. I also have a strong work ethic and the technical and soft skills required to be a good accountant.”

Strengths: Organized, punctual, focused, and works well under pressure.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Hiking, going to the zoo, and reading.

Education: Bachelor’s in Int’l Business.

Credentials: Fluent in French & Swahili

Industry Experience: Public Accounting

Company Fit: Versatile – great fit for any size company.

Systems Experience: Quickbooks, Oracle EBS, Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Open To: Hybrid, Remote

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