Commercial Finance Manager #3

St. Louis, MO


11 years



Commercial finance business partner with an MBA and demonstrable success positively impacting both the bottom line and team culture at a global company. Known for building strong, trusting, and collaborative relationships. Takes initiative to understand people, processes, and systems before providing insights on ways to improve the business and getting cross-functional buy-in to make those improvements a reality. Early career experience includes public accounting and internal audit roles where he learned the value data and processes. Seeking impactful finance business partnering roles with reputable companies in the St. Louis area.

Strengths: (1) exceptional ability to collaborate, (2) customer/stakeholder focus, (3) willingness and ability to learn

Career Highlight 1: Rated within the top 2% of all employees for 3 out of the last 4 years in a row at a global company (tens of thousands of employees).

Career Highlight 2: Identified a business-critical risk related to inventory-to-sales ratios and implemented a process improvement to mitigate that risk in the short term while preventing future occurences. Result was over $10m in recovered revenue.

Career Highlight 3: Was the Finance Co-Lead for the implemented and adoption of a customer management software which resulted in a 10 to 1 ROI internally and provided significant additional value to customers.

Education: BS Business, MBA

Industry Experience: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Public Accounting, Wholesale & Distribution

Company Fit: Great fit for large companies.

Systems Experience: SAP, Tableau

Open To: Hybrid, In-office, Remote

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