Corporate Development Manager Candidate #1


Corp Dev / M&A

7 years



Physiology PHD turned corporate strategy and M&A professional with broad knowledge within the life sciences sector. Effective and persuasive communicator with the C-Suite. Strong ability to work independently to find, evaluate, and recommend strategic acquisition opportunities within the life sciences / biotech space. Affable, professional, smart, and driven, this corporate development professional is poised for an impactful corporate development Manager role for any high growth life science company.

Strengths: (1) broad range of experience and knowledge within life sciences space, (2) M&A due diligence (3) deep contracts and intellectual property knowledge, and (4) collaborative/adaptable team player

Career Highlight 1: Drove search and evaluation process for strategic asset acquisition for her firm. Compiled list of 400+ candidates and narrowed to top 10 to present to the BoD and C-suite.

Career Highlight 2: Managed engagement with over 140 strategic partner companies.

Education: PHD Physiology

Industry Experience: Life Sciences and Biotech

Company Fit: Biotech/life sciences firms of all sizes – start-up to large pharma

Management Experience: 1 year managing an Associate and interns.

Systems Experience: Excel, PowerPoint.

Open To: Hybrid, In-office, Remote

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