Senior Manager

FP&A Director Candidate

St. Louis, MO


Education: BS in Finance, MBA

Relevant Experience: 13 years of progressive corporate finance experience at large publicly traded equipment and semiconductor manufacturing companies. Demand planning analysis, costing, business unit finance, corporate FP&A and investor relations experience.

Professional Strengths: (1) business acumen, (2) relationship building, (3) financial modeling and FP&A fundamentals, (4) work ethic

Career Highlight 1: Developed an inflationary cost model to predict numerous impact scenarios; her analysis and recommendations ultimately influenced the annual pricing uplift initiative, which impacted all customers worldwide

Career Highlight 2: Partnered directly company executives to provide financial insight, develop strategic plans, and execute change initiatives to drive more profitable company growth

Target Job Criteria: (1) Hybrid preferred or in-office (not remote), (2) more operations focused role, (3) company can plants root with and grow, (4) not a huge company preferred

Desired Salary: 160,000

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