FP&A Manager Candidate

St. Louis, MO


6 years


Corporate FP&A professional with an affable personality and strong work ethic. 6 years’ total experience, including 4 busy seasons of Big 4 audit and 3 years of FP&A experience at a Fortune 500 company. Industry experience includes healthcare, pharma, banking and agriculture.

Education: BS Accounting, MAcc

Credentials: CPA

Industry Experience: Healthcare

Strengths: (1) grit, determination, and discipline, (2) understanding how to operate effectively in a large organization, (3) hyper focused and organized, (4) teachable and adaptable

Career Highlight 1: While in Big 4, was the Lead Senior on a Global Fortune 500 client

Career Highlight 2: Forecasting accuracy on annual operating plan. Her forecast was on-target for first 2 years and favorable for the 3rd year.

Career Highlight 3: Experience spearheading the forecasting model for a major reduction in force.

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