FP&A Analyst

FP&A Senior Analyst Candidate

St Louis, MO


Education: BS in Finance, MBA (Dec ’23)

Credentials: D1 Collegiate Athlete

Relevant Experience: Corporate FP&A leader with 6 years of total experience. Currently the lead Analyst on a team of 6 at large publicly traded company. Oversees strategy division and leads formal presentations monthly to VP of Finance. Priced 25,000 products, managed a database, ensuring accurate pricing. Worked on $3M budget. Worked on slide decks and presented to the leadership for PE firm.

Professional Strengths: Inquisitive, Curious, Leadership, Unafraid

Career Highlight 1: Played D1 Field Hockey at SLU

Target Job Criteria: Culture, Career Progression, High performing team

Desired Salary: 100,000

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