Payroll Manager

Payroll Expert Candidate

Arnold, MO


Credentials: Member of American Payroll Association and Gateway Association of Payroll Professionals

Relevant Experience: 20 years of payroll processsing, administration and management experience. Broad industry experience including professional services, manfacturing, and construction. International, multi-state, union, employee benefits, Certified Payroll experience. Extensive knowledge of vritually all major payroll systems. Extemely knowledgeable of all payroll related issues. Has managed up to 5 payroll staff at a time.

Professional Strengths: (1) attention to detail, (2) never missed a deadline, (3) thorough knowledge of all payroll issues (does not rely on system to outsource his knowledge), (4) hands-on , (5) process improvement

Career Highlight 1: Successfully implemented multiple payroll systems

Career Highlight 2: Written payroll handbooks for multiple companies

Career Highlight 3: Has processed up to 1,000 employees weekly with the help of just one payroll specialist.

Target Job Criteria: (1) longevity, (2) strong company with stable foundation, (3) opportunities to improve, (4) team focused, (5) open to in-office, hybrid or remote roles.

Desired Salary: 100,000

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