Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant Candidate

Chesterfield, MO


Education: BS Accounting, MAcc

Credentials: CPA

Relevant Experience: 4 years’s total experience with 1 year in industry (MasterCard) and 3 years of broad Big 4 audit experience with clients in mining, manufacturing, and financial services (asset management and insurance). Experience with a carve out and IPO at Pwc (AIG subsidiary) and a new client audit engagement of a mining company (Kissner Salt).

Professional Strengths: (1) approachable, (2) communication with non-financial people, (3) likes to help people

Career Highlight 1: At PwC, audited a new client in the mining industry (Kissner Salt).

Career Highlight 2: At PwC, Sr Auditor on a carve out and IPO (AIG).

Career Highlight 3: At MasterCard, lead project transitioning lease schedules into an automated lease software.

Target Job Criteria: (1) Senior Accountant, Internal Audit, financial reporting roles, (2) open on company size, mid-large preferred, (3) hybrid or in-office

Desired Salary: 95,000

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