Senior Financial Analyst Candidate

St. Louis, MO


23 years


15 years of progressive accounting and finance experience at large publicly traded companies in the technology and consumer packaged good industries. Hands-on, analytical, and takes initiative. Strong commercial finance, product category analysis, product pricing and mix experience mixed with corporate responsibilities. Great attitude and team player.

Education: Bachelor’s in Finance, Mizzou

Industry Experience: Consumer Packaged Goods, Technology

Strengths: (1) ability to communicate at every level of an org and cross-functionally, (2) analytical problem solving, (3) process improvement mindset / taking initiative.

Career Highlight 1: She was on team of 2 from finance team assigned to analyze a $300m contract expense and find a way to reduce it while providins same level of service to the client. Found a solution that saved 49% ($147m).

Career Highlight 2: Was promoted from the accounting team based on performance and communication skills to take on a key role focused on driving profits through financial analysis of product pricing and mix.

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