Sr. Financial Analyst Candidate

St. Louis, MO

Accounting, Finance

5 years


5 years experience. 2 years of Big 4 audit, and 3 years in industry in analytical accounting roles, including budgeting for production costs and standard cost accounting.

Education: BS Accounting, MAcc

Credentials: CPA, Eagle Scout, D1 Athlete

Industry Experience: Agriculture, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail

Strengths: (1) financial analysis problem solving, (2) eagerness to learn and develop, (3) leadership, (4) communication, and (5) resilience

Career Highlight 1: D1 Football Player and 4-Time All-Conference Academic Team

Career Highlight 2: Got CPA license while working non-stop busy seasons in Big 4

Career Highlight 3: Took initiative to network with another finance group and was able to help them when a key member went out on maternity leave

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