Strategic Finance Director/VP Candidate

St. Louis, MO

Corp Dev / M&A, Finance

12 years



Strategic Finance Business Partner with an MBA from one of the top universities in the country and over a decade of experience leading impactful initiatives in the healthcare and technology industries. This candidate is well-rounded, presenting himself as professional, technical, strategic and tactical with high emotional intelligence. Proven success with strategic initiatives including organic growth (e.g., new product launches) and acquisitions, as well as delivering forecasts with pinpoint accuracy. Seeking impactful finance roles in St. Louis and San Diego with companies serious about growth.

Why Hire This Candidate (In Their Own Words): “We’re going to have fun together. It’s going to be hard but we are going to accomplish a lot and have a good time doing it.”

Strengths: (1) Strategic thinking, (2) executive communication (3) ability to take data and turn it into insights and actionable results, (4) team player, (5) ability to develop people, and (6) mission execution.

Career Highlight 1: Instrumental in creating a go-to-market strategy for AI products. Resulted in $millions added to top-line revenue.

Career Highlight 2: Global long-range plan execution for technology business. Led a team of 6 in modeling and formulating the narrative and justification of multi-billion-dollar capex expenditures that paid off with a big ROI.

Career Highlight 3: Led the strategic finance function for a $500m spin-off. Build out the strategy around production life cycle, organic growth and inorganic growth with a target growth of 20x.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Education, racial equity, health equity, political volunteer, runner, basketball player.

Education: Bachelor’s in Economics, MBA

Industry Experience: Healthcare, Technology

Company Fit: Great fit for large companies.

Management Experience: Has managed a team of 6.

Systems Experience: Excel, SQL, Fargo (AI/ML forecasting tool), Google Workspace, Tableau

Open To: Hybrid, Remote

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