VP Finance / CFO Candidate

St. Louis, MO

Corp Dev / M&A, Finance

28 years



Corporate Finance Leader with broad and steadily progressive experience at a world-class global company. Expertise includes corporate FP&A, M&A, technology strategy, IPO readiness, and general financial leadership. Reliable and effective, this candidate has repeatedly been singled out to take on challenging, important, large-scale projects, and has a demonstrable history of success delivering positive bottom-line results. Seeking strategic, finance business partner roles for reputable growing companies in the St. Louis area.

Why Hire This Candidate (In Their Own Words):

Strengths: (1) Collaborative leader, (2) problem solving multiple steps ahead, (3) can get down in the weeds and quickly report to the Board, (4) time and project management, and (5) is a cross functional communication bridge.

Career Highlight 1: Hand-picked by CFO of a multibillion-dollar global public company to lead the turnaround of a struggling business unit. Goals achieved.

Career Highlight 2: Was asked to lead a large technology strategy initiative for a brand-new business line.

Career Highlight 3: Evaluated about a dozen acquisition targets and successfully closed on some, from due diligence to post-acquisition integration. In addition, as VP of Acquisition Integration, led divestiture of an entity no longer aligned with company priorities.

Education: BS Finance, MBA

Industry Experience: Financial Services, Technology

Company Fit: Great for high growth midsize companies or large global organizations.

Management Experience: 12 years managing teams of up to 25 with as many as 5 direct reports.

Open To: Hybrid, In-office, Remote

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