VP of Corporate Development Candidate #3


Corp Dev / M&A

2 years



Ivy League graduate with financial services and healthcare industry M&A experience. Experience includes 3 years investment banking, 3 years corporate development, and 3 years of family office investment analysis experience. Very sharp, professional, and technical. Also very comfortable in customer facing roles.

Why Hire This Candidate (In Their Own Words):

Strengths: (1) people person, (2) technical and knows M&A process from A-Z, (3) client facing and sales roles.

Career Highlight 1: Executed 60 acquisitions in a 3 year period.

Career Highlight 2: Harvard Graduate.

Education: Bachelor’s, Master’s Degrees

Industry Experience: Financial Services, Healthcare

Company Fit: Investment banking, private equity rollup

Management Experience: 6 years, staff of 3

Open To: Hybrid, In-office, Remote

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