Tips For Starting With A New Employer

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Starting work at a new employer can be stressful for most. To feel anxious or nervous is completely normal, but keep in mind the hard part is out of the way. You’ve already made a great first impression or your new company wouldn’t have hired you. You’ve been picked to be a value-add to your new organization, so let’s keep that momentum! Here are a few tips to help the transition during your first few days.

Introduce Yourself

Be outgoing to your team and coworkers. Initiate conversation and be willing to introduce yourself. Arrive early for the first few days to allow some opportunity for some of those conversations. Greet new faces with a smile and tell them your name. Keep it professional. Avoid any negative talk and four-letter words. Be open and willing to provide some of your background. Always convey enthusiasm about your new opportunity and excitement for your new company.  

Learn The Ropes

Acclimate to your new surroundings and coworkers. Work to quickly learn new processes and company policies. Pick up on social norms around the office. Remain open to new approaches to familiar work you may have done at a previous employer. Be receptive to different ideas and new approaches. Avoid mentioning how much better things were done at your previous employer(s) and remain humble. Involve your team and ask questions about your work.


Connect with your manager within the first week or so. Prepare a few questions beforehand. Ask about expectations and what success looks like, what their toughest challenges are, and how best you can provide value to them in the shortest timeline. Offer to make yourself available and be willing to provide your cell phone number to you’re reachable. It’s also a good idea to take notes during that first meeting. Not only can you refer to what was discussed but it shows engagement and interest.

Remember, you have been selected over several other candidates and your new company has serious confidence in you and your abilities. Establish good habits and build those relationships early on to help your transition be as seamless and successful as possible. You got this. Congratulations and Good Luck!  

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