Senior Financial Analyst Candidate #8

St. Louis, MO

7 years



Driven, analytical, and engaged Senior Financial Analyst candidate seeking her next opportunity with winning companies. MBA with a bachelor’s in accounting and a strong accounting career foundation, this candidate has developed advanced financial modeling skills and has a knack for finding answers in large data sets and communicating actionable plans to management. Has created templates and financial models from scratch at large organizations in the Financial Services and Higher Education industries. This candidate would be a strong value-added employee able to give financial insights that drive profits to the bottom line.

Why Hire This Candidate (In Their Own Words): “Because my strong suit is research and analysis and putting together actionable reports. I love to get to the bottom of raw data and find out what’s causing what. I love putting that story together for the business.”

Strengths: (1) analytical skills, (2) financial modeling and reporting, (3) building budgeting and forecasting models from scratch

Career Highlight 1: Created forecasting reports for 20 different P&Ls.

Career Highlight 2: Earned MBA while working a full-time job as a Financial Analyst.

Career Highlight 3: Managed company-wide extensive compensation models and reports at a large, publicly traded that the CEO used to make decisions.

Hobbies & Personal Interests: Working out, spending time with dogs, and playing golf.

Education: BS Accounting, MBA

Industry Experience: Education, Financial Services

Company Fit: Great fit for midsize and large companies.

Systems Experience: Excel, Oracle, Workday.

Open To: Hybrid, In-office, Remote

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