Interview Prep: Checklist & Tips

Executive Search Accounting Recruiter

Whether you are a mid-career professional actively interviewing, or a recent grad entering the market for the first time, it is wise to have a game plan before every interview. Going unprepared can lead to missed opportunities. Here are our recommendations: BE PREPARED PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE COMMUNICATION CLOSING THE INTERVIEWING About The CSP Group The CSP Group…

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Questions for Candidates to Ask When Exploring a Job Opportunity

Client Meeting Over Coffee

Preparing to interview for a career opportunity is not only critical for receiving a job offer, it also ensures that you’ve done your due diligence and can make a sound decision. This is a checklist of fundamental information you’ll want to gather prior to your interview, organized by industry, company, department, role, and hiring manager/interviewers.…

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Resume Tips for Finance & Accounting Professionals

While there are different styles of resumes, there is a specific layout that has proven to be the most effective from what I’ve observed as a professional recruiter with a decade of experience focused on finance and accounting professionals. But before I dive into the details, let’s touch on a few key points. First, when…

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How Recruiters Tell Your Story is Key

Over 80% of the candidates we place are not looking for change.  We have to share news of your opening in a manner that creates a win-win window of opportunity.   If you’ve ever posted a job in the hope of Prince (or Princess) Charming popping up in your inbox, you were really living a…

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HR Interviews: What to Expect

If you’ve applied to a position with a larger company, either through a recruiter or on your own, the first step is most likely an interview with someone from Human Resources or Talent Acquisition.   You may be a perfect fit for the culture and the strongest candidate for the job but if you start looking…

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How to Notify Your Employer That You’ve Accepted Another Job Offer

Accepting a new job can be extremely exciting.  It’s a fresh start and usually means you’ll be earning more money, have more responsibility, and get a clean slate to work from.  As soon as you sign your offer letter, however, you may get a sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize the next step is to notify…

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